Meet with Antoni

‘Antoni is a robust building with a characteristic space as a catalyst for meeting and innovation, knowledge exchange and connection. Antoni links living to a changing and dynamic environment.' The view of Arie van der Neut, architect at Studioninedots.

We always aspire to add surprise. The visual unity of Antoni was created by the stepped form, which has also made beautiful roof terraces possible. We have implemented this in the glass facades on the ground floor and further emphasised by placing the windows a little deeper into the facade floor by floor.

’The glass atrium creates a connection between all residents, users and visitors.'

Antoni's architecture is interwoven with the old and new social fabric of Delft. This perfectly illustrates two of our fascinations: activating an area and inspiring collective ways of living. At Antoni, the latter is mainly facilitated in the public Living Lobby and on the sunny, communal terrace above it.

'Daylight falls through the glass roof of the atrium into the heart of Antoni. It's a wonderful way to connect all residents, users and visitors to each other via the glass atrium. This interlinking will result in valuable encounters.’