Nice station garden: Spoorloos park

Behind the old and stately station building is a beautiful station garden, Spoorloos park. A nice place to wait for a train or just enjoy the shade and fresh air of a green oasis.

Landscape architect Pia Kolfschoten designed the garden together with local residents. A loose, relaxed design in contrast to the tight patterns of the railway zone. References to the track are still there: the edges of the green lawns are reminiscent of a rusty railway track. Rails are processed into the gravel on the footpaths. And the pergola suggests the overhead cables. Perennials, climbing plants and trees provide a feast of colour. A fantastic place, that also provides a home for bees and butterflies. A nice new green oasis in the city.

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The eye-catcher is the steel pergola, which will soon be covered with climbing plants.

The new, green heart of Van Leeuwenhoek park

The green heart of the new district around the station will be Van Leeuwenhoek park on the roof of the railway tunnel.

An inviting place for everyone: for walking, sitting outdoors, reading a book, enjoying stately avenues of trees, blossom and fresh greenery, playing, picnicking or yoga. With a half-size basketball court, a football pitch, water playground, fountain or butterfly garden, there is something to relax everyone.

The park was designed by Louis Baljon landscape architects with Delft DNA in mind. Balloon: Delft is recognizable by its elongated lines: canals with narrow transverse streets and bridges. We translated this into a central path through the park with two bridges. From the path you have a view of the old and new towers of Delft.'

TU Delft uses the park as a laboratory for climate research